This project was the outcome of a flawless team work, the tangible result of an extraordinary connection… iconazéro has built unimaginable and powerful ties between people apparently very far from each other. An only and thrilling aim could seal them all in the same cooperation.

You start from getting acquainted. You go through the sharing of very few technical elements and some crucial moments: a basic intuition, some following studies, an understanding of what you created, a will to identify yourself with the same object and a strong desire to arouse emotions, instilling into matter a soul which is split in half between art and design. You are tracing a furrow, nothing more than a guiding line within which you are aiming to the same vision. Great. You get to the top: the realization of a very high level project.

Each of us added his own piece without following any definite script. The final outcome is something incredible, more than it could be expressed by words. We witnessed the birth of a new reality, an authentic fusion between distant universes: design, mathematical notions, technique, music, stage costumes, bodypaint with its symbols, photography.

This work is dedicated to the ties which shaped its soul.

An immense gratitude towards all the people who contributed to the achievement of this project.

Ugo Bongianni (music composer), Matteo Arfanotti (bodypainter), Fabrizio Biaggi (photograph).

The great pianist and composer Ugo Bongianni honored us with this fantastic melody, whose title isn’t “Golden soul” just by chance.

Golden soul as zéro is a design object with its own soul, golden soul as zéro is absolutely in harmony with golden ratios.

This is an example of the way some “edgy” mathematical formula, when being interpreted by the soul, can turn into some incredible harmonic and convivial melody… this is the essence of zéro!